Project Blocklists 2021

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Triggered by a discussion on the Anti-Abuse WG mailing list [1], the number and selection of blocklists used on RIPEstat should be improved. A panel of domain experts will join us to help with the vetting. This project has started in July 2021 and we defined the following milestones:

M1: Collection of blocklist candidates - July 2021
M2: Review and selection of blocklist candidates - July/August 2021
M3: Feasibility analysis by RIPEstat team - September 2021
M4: Start of implementation in RIPEstat - Q1 2022 (previously Q4 2021)

We expect the addition of new blocklists to happen in Q2 2022.


Done Suggested by: Christian Teuschel Upvoted: 19 May, '22 Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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